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hello, I'm mhd bobbi, I'm from Indonesia, I'm a content creator from Indonesia, I have experience with computer networks and also edit, in my submission on this podcast, to be considered as a recipient of initial funding for the creation of this content, because in this content I want to give an explanation to friends about the importance of knowing the world of technology in my village, because in my village many do not understand technology such as using mobile applications, especially in the use of social media, because there are several benefits in using social media, of course, such as: 1. get the latest information, 2. can communicate in real-time, 3. increase search ranking traffic, 4. and build broad relationships between friends, through my video podcast, so that friends can use social media wisely, take positive things in using social media. I hope I will be one of the recipients of the initial funding, my greetings from Indonesia, and thank you.



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