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When a teenage tomboy begins to understand how social media can badly impact the youth today, she vows to fight cyber crime, becomes ACP and solves a record no. of cases in no time, but soon realises that to continue to do good she will have to navigate the system. It’s the beginning of the 21st century, a social media app called iSpace from USA has become popular in India too. Anjali Davis, an intelligent & intuitive 12 year old tomboy, daughter of a single mother migrates with her mother from Chennai to her grandparents place in Mumbai. She joins St. Andrews school where she is bullied by Raksha Anand, a ranting and domineering bully but she stands up to her. One evening, Vidya Desai, a fragile & sensitive girl and a classmate of Anjali sees a nasty social media post posted by Raksha and she attempts suicide by locking herself in her room and slitting her wrist. Anjali saves her life by climbing from the neighbours balcony into hers and opening her door from inside. The school committee setup to investigate the matter concludes that social media doesn’t come under its jurisdiction and so the school cannot be held responsible for the incident and even Raksha escapes with a suspension of only 2 weeks. Anjali, a tall and a lean girl is now in the final year studying Bachelor of Arts at St. Xavier College, Mumbai. Her best mate in college is Nick, a chill guy, a hacker and software genius studying computer science. Anjali and Nick who both are single meet Manish and Shweta in a bar and they start dating each other. Nick soon breaks up with Shweta as she confesses to him that she will have to marry a person of her parents choice. A spurned Shweta seeks revenge and makes a false complaint to the dean about Nick having sent him flirty content on social media and Nick is found guilty of misconduct and is suspended for a month. Maya Jagannath, a very attractive girl, an excellent dancer and a friend & classmate of Anjali debuts as an item song dancer in Bollywood after she is spotted by a famous director while background dancing for a debut film song of her friend Geetika Khan, daughter of a famous actor from bollywood. The item song becomes a huge hit and Maya becomes a star & celebrity overnight with a huge following on social media and goes on to become the no. 1 celebrity on social media with the most no. of followers. Matt Kauffman, MD & CEO of iSpace and the youngest billionaire in the world comes to Mumbai on a business trip which is hosted by Divesh Seth, the most powerful and influential politician from India. They discuss about the launch of the photo sharing app called PhotoBox in India that was recently acquired by iSpace and Divesh assures Matt that all the top stars, celebrities and influencers from India will create an account on it and he will make sure that millions of new users join PhotoBox. Anjali’s friend, Preeti reveals to her that her boyfriend, Manish is sending her flirty private messages on iSpace and so Anjali dumps him. Manish retaliates by posting intimate photos of them on iSpace. Anjali confronts Manish and warns him of dire consequences who is scared and deletes all photos from iSpace. Anjali sits for the civil services exams and passes it with flying colours and is appointed ACP, cyber crime, Mumbai Police Service (MPS) which is headed by Simon Cardoso, an upright Police Commissioner (PC). Nick who is encouraged by Anjali too passes the civil services exams and is appointed as the officer in charge of the Cyber Lab, MPS and is working with Anjali at the cyber crime branch, Bandra (BKC) office, Mumbai. Anjali, an intuitive ACP along with Nick quickly gets to the bottom of many of the cyber crime cases and busts an online escort service racket which frees hundreds of girls who were lured through social media from their clutches and also catches a major gang involved in the phishing bank transaction fraud cases and thousands of crores are recovered from bank account of the kingpins. She also helps lot of women in cyber stalking cases and all of this makes Anjali famous. The DCP, Pawan Malhotra becomes very jealous who knows that he cannot do much about the rising popularity of Anjali till Simon Cardoso is the PC. Anjali and Nick also solve a tricky case of blackmailing of girls on social media where blackmailer uses public internet service of malls to chat with the victims. They even manage to catch a guy from a mall whose laptop is the source of the chat but forensic of his laptop reveals that it has been hacked. Anjali stations her men in all major malls and next time when blackmailer chats with a victim Nick tracks location of the hacker down and he is caught and it turns out to be a 17 year old innocent looking boy named Karthik Roy. Elections are around the corner and PC Cardoso is transferred to the economic offence department and a new PC, Vaibhav Agarwal takes over as PC of MPS. He reveals to Anjali that there have been complaints about her casual approach towards the job and that Cardoso had recommended her for President’s Police Medal and he will back it too if she makes sure that there are no major controversies before the elections. A few children commit suicide by hanging and parents demand a CID inquiry as they find chats on child’s social media account instigating them to commit suicide. The DCP hands over the cases to Anjali and asks her to solve them on priority. Nick finds out that the children have last interacted with a boy on social media but he is unable to trace the IP address and suspects that the boy could be a man who could be using the dark web. Anjali asks Nick to create a few fake social media accounts of children with similar background to those who were targeted before and lay a trap for the instigator so that they could track him down. Nick’s fake account is contacted by a boy from the dark web whose location is tracked and Anjali finds out that he is actually a 32 years old man named Pintoo, son of an MP. She raids his house late at night in fort and he is taken into custody and though Nick finds some child porn videos on a source node on the dark web he is still released on bail as his lawyer argues in court that a fake account was used to lure him and that there was no incriminating evidence found on him. A few days later another girl attempts suicide but survives and she confesses to her mother of being instigated by a boy on social media. The mother lodges a complaint and Nick again tracks location of the instigator to the dark web and to Pintoo’s laptop and he is arrested again. This time they have solid evidence of him sending child porn videos to the girl and they also find out that he is part of a mobile chat group of high profile people & celebrities on social media which is exchanging child porn videos. Anjali raids their places too and a few of them are arrested. Divesh Seth calls PC and scolds him for the arrest of Pintoo and the celebrities and argues that it is hurting them as timing is bad and elections are around the corner. He orders him to release Pintoo & the celebrities immediately but PC clarifies that his hands are tied as there is damning chat evidence against Pintoo and the celebrities. Divesh counters that he will make sure that the mother of the child withdraws the case and warns him that heads will roll if he does not bring the situation under control after that. Divesh Seth invites Sunita’s mother to her office and offers her a manager’s post in a public bank in Pune and persuades her to accept his offer and Sunita withdraws the case and moves to Pune. The DCP informs Anjali that the mother has withdrawn the case and that he is going to takeover the case as directed by PC as she has mismanaged it very badly to which Anjali strongly disagrees. Nick is transferred to Pune, Cyber Crime branch with immediate effect. He has found some solid evidence of Pintoo video chatting and indulging in cybersex with a few girls who recently committed suicide on his phone which he transfers to a usb stick and hands it over to Anjali. Anjali decides to pass the evidence to Simon Cardoso and leaves office in the evening in her enfield but meets with an accident on the way when she is hit by a speeding jeep from behind. She is admitted to a nearby hospital and Nick, Simon Cardoso & her family have come to visit her. She is very lucky to getaway without any serious injuries and she tells Nick that she remembers a person wearing helmet taking the USB stick from her pocket after the accident. Simon Cardoso assures Anjali that she has done an outstanding job and tells her that it is the system that runs the department and that things can change anytime and even to do good they have to navigate the system. At that moment, there is breaking news playing out on the TV in her cabin that the state election results are out but there is a split in the current coalition govt who have won the elections as there is a disagreement on who will become chief minister and that the governor has now invited the new coalition of the breakaway and opposition party to form the govt. The End



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