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Saviours of god

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Saviours of god is a satire on those individuals who are delusioned with a act they are here to protect God. The story revolves around an individual with same attitude, and is brain washed by his masters to blew off a market. When he is the market, he is hunting for a spot to blast, and he gets thirsty. There was local vendor on the street he asks a glass of water from him. The vendor was wearing a peculiar kind of shirt print. While he was drinking water, our protagonist finally gets gets a spot. He goes there, and holds his bag in his hands, and press the button and closes his eyes. cut to, he is a heaven like place with golden field around him. it appeared that he was on a journey. Excited to meet the god , in whose name he killed the people, he arrives at a door, he knocks on it. The vendor, His victim, opens the door.



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