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Login: In a rural area of Pakistan, men are being murdered one after another, with an artistic touch to the gore. An investigation into the murders leads to a woman who is taking revenge from the abusers of her past, her accomplice being a transgender friend she makes during the first kill. Synopsis: Men are being murdered in a rural area of Pakistan. When Asma, a local detective, finds out that her brother has also been killed, she wants to be part of the investigation. Zain, the lead investigator, doesn’t want Asma to be a part of the proceedings until a relatively high profile man gets murdered. Asma, on the case, discovers that the serial killer behind these is in fact a woman. Asma is close to solving the case when Sakina surrenders herself, confessing that she is the serial killer. The story then follows Sakina’s journey of how she became a serial killer and met a trustworthy friend in the face of Julie, a transgender, on the way. On the one hand, she did right by taking revenge from men who had wronged her but on the other hand, taking justice in your hands can lead to a dangerous path.



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